Duare Duare Sarkar Campaign 2020-21-WB Govt at your Doorstep

Duare Duare Sarkar Prakalpa/Duare Sarkar Campaign

Yes! You read it right. The West Bengal Government is coming at your doorsteps to know your grievances if any regarding the ongoing Govt. projects that you may have been left out.

The Government is bringing all benefits of various schemes under one umbrella. It is like a showcase of schemes before the people. The government wants you to take advantage of this Duare Sarkar Prakalpa. It is really unique in its own way for benefitting common people in one place.

The Government of West Bengal, vide its Notification No-01/DS/P&S&PM/20 Dated 26.11.2020 has announced a campaign named “Duare Sarkar Campaign”. This campaign will be scheduled from 01.12.2020 to 31.01.2021.

This Duare Sarkar Campaign is going to be an ideal platform for the people of West Bengal to voice their demands and grievances before the Govt. officials regarding their deprivation of the benefits or services from specified schemes meant for them.

Through this campaign, different representatives of the State Govt. will visit your house to know your demands or grievances and try to deliver the benefits of different ongoing schemes of the West Bengal Government that you were left out.

You may download the latest Notification below

Objectives of Duare Duare Sarkar Campaign

Reach grassroots level: The main objective of this Duare Sarkar Campaign is to reach to the grassroots level and address to the demands or grievances of the people and try to sort out these instantly.

Effective checking and solutions: Therefore, the main purpose of this Duara Duare Paschimbanga Sarkar Campaign is to check whether the common people of this state are getting the services/ benefits of the various ongoing schemes of the State Govt.

Listen to the Grievances and address the issues: If any beneficiary makes any grievance regarding non-receipt of the benefits from a specified scheme/s that he/she was supposed to get, will be looked into during this campaign.

Organising camps for delivering benefits: As per the said notification, various camps will be organised at Gram Panchayat(Blocks in rural areas) and Municipal Ward(at urban areas) levels for effectively delivering the benefits of the various specified schemes to the deprived people.

These camps will be organised at any school/college/ community hall or any suitable government offices/infrastructure maintaining standard COVID 19 protocols.

Duare Sarkar Prakalpa/Duare Sarkar Campaign at a glance

  • Duare Duare Sarkar-Means the Govt. at your doorsteps to hear you;
  • This campaign will be held w.e.f 1st December 2020 to 31st January 2021;
  • This is a platform to voice your grievances and demands;
  • Govt. is reaching grass root levels to promptly address your demands and grievances;
  • Organising camps to effectively delivering services under 10 specified Schemes to the deprived beneficiaries;
  • Four rounds of camps to be held across West Bengal;
  • Five Committees constituted for successfully implementing the Duare Sarkar Campaign;
  • Camps to be held at Block levels and Municipal wards levels across West Bengal;

Which Schemes are being covered under the Duare Sarkar Campaign?

The notification has clearly mentioned that the following 10 schemes are being covered under the Duare Duare Sarkar Campaign:

  • Khadya Sathi – Campaign by Food & Supplies Department
  • Swasthya Sathi – Campaign by Health & Family Welfare Department
  • Caste Certificate – Backward Classes Welfare and Tribal Development Dept.
  • Sikshashree – Backward Classes Welfare and Tribal Development Dept.
  • Jai Johar – Tribal Development Department
  • Taposili Bandhu – Backward Classes Welfare Department
  • Kanyashree – Women and Child Development and Social Welfare
  • Rupashree – Women and Child Development and Social Welfare
  • Aikyashree – Minorities Affairs & Madrasah Education Department
  • MGNREGS – Panchayats and Rural Development Department.

Further, if any grievances or applications arise in respect of any schemes not mentioned above, appropriate action would be taken during this outreach campaign.

What are the Benefits of Duare Sarkar Prakalpa?

Out of the total 10 schemes you can read about the Benefits of Duare Sarkar Prakalpa for the below three schemes in detail:

Whiat is the Schedule of this the Duare Duare Sarkar Campaign?

This campaign has been divided into 4 different rounds. The rounds are as follows:-

1st Round1st to 11th December 2020
2nd Round15th to 24th December 2020
3rd Round2nd to 12th January 2021
4th Round18th to 28th January 2021

Only declaring a campaign is not going to make any difference, it has to be executed at the grassroots level as well. Therefore, with the objective of smooth implementation of Duare Sarkar Campaign, the Govt. of West Bengal has constituted two core committees.

1. State Level Apex Committee;

2. State Level Task force;

3. A District Level Task force;

4. Urban Areas Task force;

5. Block Level Task force

  • 1. State Level Apex Committee

A State-Level Apex committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal, having the following members under this committee:

  • i. Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture Department;i.
  • ii. Additional Chief Secretary, Home & Planning, Statistics & Programme Implementation Department;
  • iii. Additional Chief Secretary, Panchayats and Rural Development Department
  • iv. Director General of Police, West Bengal
  • v. Principal Secretary, Finance Department
  • vi. Principal Secretary, Backward Classes Welfare Department
  • vu. Principal Secretary, Tribal Development Department
  • Vlll. Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Municipal Affairs
  • ix. Commissioner, Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • x. Secretary, Women and Child Development Department
  • x1. Secretary, Food and Supplies Department
  • xii. Secretary, Non-conventional and Renewable Energy Resources Department –
  • Convenor and State Nodal Officer
  • Xlll. Secretary, I&CA Department
  • xiv. Secretary, Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education
  • xv. Any other Department may be co-opted.
  • 2.State Level Taskforce

A State Level Taskforce has been made to be operated under Addl. Chief Secretary of the Planning, Statistics & Programme Implementation Department comprising of the following officials:

  • Secretary NRES Department;
  • Secretary I&CA Department;
  • Secretary and OSD in CMO;
  • Secretary, Health Department;
  • Additional Secretary, Tribal Development Department;
  • Special Commissioner, KMC;
  • Addl. Secretary, Backward Classes Welfare Department ;
  • Commissioner UD&MA Dept;
  • Special Secretary, MA&ME Department;
  • Special Secretary, Food and Supplies Department;
  • Special Secretary, Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department;
  • Special Secretary, Agriculture Department;
  • Director of Information &EO Joint Secretary;
  • Joint Secretary, P&RD;
  • Joint Secretary, Finance Department;
  • Any other officer from any department may be co-opted

  • 3. District Level Taskforce

A District Level Task force has been constituted having the following members:

  • District Magistrate – Chairperson
  • Commissioner of Police/SP;
  • Additional District Magistrate/s looking after the respective Schemes identified;
  • All SDOs;
  • District Head/ Nodal Officer of the concerned department;
  • District Information and Culture Officer;
  • Any other officer/ s that the District Magistrate requires to involve to ensure the success of the Duare Sarkar initiative;
  • 4. Urban Areas Taskforce

For the urban areas, the SDOs will form a suitable Task Force. For Kolkata, Kolkata
Municipal Corporation will form a similar Task Force mutatis mutandis.

  • 5.lock Level Taskforce

At the blocks a Block Level Taskforce has been constituted with the following members:

  1. Block Development Officer – Chairperson;
  2. Officer in Charge of the PS or his representative not below the rank of SI;
  3. Block Level Official of the Concerned Departments;
  4. Extension Officers;
  5. Any other officer/s that the BOO requires to involve to ensure the entire
    programme is carried out smoothly.

Conclusion on Duare Sarkar Campaign

Therefore, what we can understand from this Duare Duare Sarkar Prakalpa is that the Govt. is trying to reach out to the maximum number of people just before the next Assembly election in West Bengal.

There is no harm in it. There should not be any problem with it either. Your own Govt. is visiting your doorsteps to know if there lies any problem regarding any benefits that you did not receive.

You don’t need to be very confused. Don’t judge this campaign from the political aspects, just take full advantage of this campaign if you have been deprived earlier. Every political party whether in States or Centre does similar things to conquer the hearts of the Voter and it’s your turn now to take advantage of this.

However, the main benefit of this Duare Sarkar Scheme from the common people perspective is that the people would get an opportunity to voice their demands and grievances. It will enable the existing Govt. to introspect their performance so far.

In my personal opinion, the Govt. is trying to implement this Duare Sarkar Prakalpa for checking whether they have been able to deliver what they promised earlier, and if they find any lacuna from their part, they would try to rectify it to the best of their abilities.

But there is a very old famous saying that ” Its better late than never”. The Govt., through Duare Sarkar Campaign, is trying to make a damage control to a large extent which would ultimately benefit the common people who might have been left out of the benefits that they deserve. Ultimately, the common and less financially abled people are going to benefit from this campaign.

Finally, the common people would decide whether the short term Duare Sarkar damage control scheme would have been able to satisfy their hearts to the fullest and whether this would leave any impression on the ballot box in the next election.

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