Free Virtual Credit Card/Online Virtual Credit Card India

Online Virtual Credit Card/Free Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card (VCC): A Virtual Credit Card/VCC is a single usage non-existent electronic credit card created and issued to the customers using their existing credit card/debit card details. So, most surprisingly this is a credit card with no physicality to justify its name itself and available online only.

Virtual Credit Card Card is generated using the existing net banking login facility of the card-holder for facilitating online transactions. So, a virtual credit card is an electronic credit card just like a normal/regular credit card that you already have but the main difference is that it has no physical existence whatsoever.

Therefore, I can say that a virtual credit card/VCC is an unreal credit card generated with the purpose of making online transactions with profound safety and security. It is also called the online virtual credit card.

The purpose of the virtual credit card is to make online e-commerce transactions only instead of using the physical one. This makes it is more secure in terms of exposing the existing debit or credit card details to the Vendors or others.

Features of Free Online Virtual Credit Card

  • No existence: A Virtual Credit Card is available online only and has no physical existence unlike the regular credit card;
  • Existing cardholder: VCC is issued to the existing cardholders only. Also, the primary cardholder is eligible to use this virtual card and no other add on cardholders are entitled to this VCC;
  • Instant access: Credit card issuers issue this virtual card instantly with real-time basis, so one can access to this card instantly hassle-free;
  • Security: With the growing no. of fraud cases, the importance of VCC has been increasing day by day. This card is virtual and available for online transactions only, so VCC is most secure and one of the safest modes of online transactions;
  • VCC Validity: Usually Online Virtual Credit Card account is generated for single usage only. It remains valid from 24 to 48 hours depending on the card issuers policy. It is an extended form of a physical credit card with more security for online transactions;
  • Information is hidden: Basically, a virtual credit card hides the primary card details and account information from the merchants or vendors. So, it is less exposed to online frauds;
  • Free of Cost: Most importantly the VCC is issued free of cost. Since you already have a credit card, so why the card issuer will charge you for issuing a virtual credit card. Thus a VCC is completely free of cost;
  • Transaction limit: There is a limit on the number of transactions that can be made online using a VCC. Usually a VCC is used only for a single transaction. But the transaction amount or limit is aligned to the primary card only. It means you can not make a single transaction that crosses your overall credit card limit;
  • Card and CVV No.: Each virtual card comes with a different card no. But the CVV number remains the same till the card is valid. This means during the validity period one can make any no. of transactions. It gets changed once a customer cancels the card and avails a new card again.

Benefits of Online Virtual Credit Card India

A VCC enjoys the following unique benefits over the physical credit card and that is the main reason for its growing popularity:

  1. Safety and Security of Virtual Credit Card India

A virtual credit card is way ahead of the physical credit card as far as the safety and security aspects are concerned. VCC is used only for online e-commerce transactions and therefore the card details such as card no., expiry date and CVV are not directly exposed to vendors or merchants.

Most advantageously a VCC is visible only to you. Therefore there is no chance of anyone sneaking your card information unlike physical credit cards. VCC does not allow offline transactions.

You can save the VCC details in your mobile and make online transactions with ease. This benefit of VCC makes it very famous among the young enthusiasts who prefer online transactions most.

  1. Instant access to Free Virtual Credit Card India

Usually a VCC is issued to the existing credit card holder. A customer who doesn’t have any existing credit card, his debit card or savings account details are used to issue VCC. Since your existing details are available with the card issuer, it takes no time to issue a VCC i.e. you can access it instantly.

Further, to promote the more and more online transactions with high degree of safety and security, the card issuer does not take any fees for issuing a VCC. Thus a VCC is issued at zero cost with more security makes it a very attractive digital option.

  1. Virtual Credit Card Limit and Expiry

A virtual credit card is meant for online transactions only. It has got different unique card no. every time you create a new one. But the CVV number remain the same till its expiry irrespective of the number of transactions.

Also, a VCC gets expired within 24-48 hours after its creation. So, even if you don’t use it within its duration, it gets expired. In this way, it is more secured and gives you peace of mind as the chances of online fraud is nil.

Virtual card issuers may provide you with the same transaction limit that you are enjoying with your existing physical credit card. Also, you may have the option to set the maximum limit per transaction depending upon your purchase requirements.

How does a Virtual Credit Card work?


A virtual credit card is like a duplicate of your physical credit card but it has no physical existence. A VCC is a randomly-generated card number and has an expiry date and card number CVV like your actual credit card.

But the difference is that you can not hold it in your hand as it is a completely digital one. Once it is created you can make only a single transaction using it. Why everyone prefers a digital/ virtual credit card is because once you make any transaction over the online counter, the merchant only gets access to your single usage credit card.

Your actual credit card details such as card no, expiry date and CVV is not exposed to others and keeps your physical card with a high degree of safety and security.

Further, if the merchant wants to make any fraudulent activity with your virtual card, it is of no use as the card was available for single usage only. This is the main strong point a virtual credit card.

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Even if any hacker hacks the merchant’s website through which you made a purchase, he would not get direct access to your actual physical credit card. Also, the VCC can not be used by the hacker for making any further transaction as it was created for a single usage which you already did.

How do I get a virtual credit card in India?

Getting a free virtual credit card in India is not a big deal. A Virtual Credit Card can be created instantly just following a few steps. To get a VCC you must be an existing debit/credit card holder of the respective Banks.

Most importantly you need not pay any extra amount for this as this is offered by card issuers at free of cost. Now, I will discuss the procedures to avail some of the most popular online virtual credit card in India.

HDFC Virtual Credit Card

HDFC Bank has come up with a unique online payment application named NetSafe. This NetSafe secured application very intelligently creates a unique HDFC Virtual Credit Card for your existing credit/debit card and hides the physical card details from the merchant’s websites that you access for making any online transactions.

Also, NetSafe allows you to create a unique password for additional protection that gives your physical card safety and security from getting being compromised.

HDFC Virtual Credit Card Generator Procedures

To avail the HDFC Free Virtual Credit Card facility one has to follow the below simple steps:

Step-1-Registration to NetSafe: First you have to visit the NetSafe Registration page. There, you will be asked to accept the T&C tab;

Step-2-Put your HDFC Credit or Debit Card Details: Now to confirm your identity you are required to put your existing Credit or Debit card details for NetSafe registration purposes.

Step-3: One Time Password OTP: After submission, the above details, a one time password OTP will come to your registered mobile no./ registered email id. Put the OTP to the next screen and you are registered with NetSafe successfully. There you will get the option of changing the password as per your choice.

How Do I get ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card?

As per the ICICI Bank- an ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card is nothing but an extension of your primary credit card that does not have any plastic element in it. ICICI Bank VCC details are visible online only and therefore your card details such as expiry dates and CVV are not exposed to others.

It is a one-time usage digital credit card and can not be used further thus reducing the risk of frauds with your physical card.

Further, the ICICI Bank Virtual Credit card allows you to execute e-commerce transactions online using your VCC within the overall limit of your primary credit card.

Initially, the VCC limit is Rs.1 but you can change it as per your requirements maintaining the overall credit limit of your actual credit or debit card banking facility. Fortunately, this VCC is completely free of cost. Thus ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card comes with acute safety and security with free of cost.

ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card Generator Procedures

To get the Instant ICICI Bank Virtual Credit Card you need to follow the below steps which are very easy:

Step-1: First visit the website and login to internet banking with your existing card details;

Step-2: Next go to credit card section and apply for Virtual Credit Card Option;

Step-3: There put your existing debit/credit card details and other personal information;

Step-4: After submission, a one time password OTP will be sent to your registered mobile no or email id;

Step-5: Now put the OTP and your registration process is completed.

Are virtual cards illegal?

Yes! A Virtual Credit Card is legal. There is no point to raise a question about the legality of a virtual credit card. Because a VCC is being issued by the card issuers against your existing credit/debit card credentials.

Moreover, it is not a new card, but the digital version of your physical card. It is completely legal, safe and secure for making your online transactions.

How do I use my Virtual Credit Card online?/online Virtual Credit Card?

Using the Virtual Credit Card Online is not very different from using your regular credit card. All the elements are same but VCC uses a different card no., expiry date and CVV so that the original card details don’t get exposed to the fraudsters.

So, you don’t need to do anything extra for using a VCC. The procedures to use an Online Virtual Credit Card are very simple just like your regular plastic cards.

The steps are shown below:

  1. First, put your virtual card number at the merchant’s website.
  2. Next enter the VCC validity period;
  3. You will be asked to verify the OTP that was sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Put the required OTP there;
  5. Finally, you have completed the transaction.

Conclusion: So, you can see that creating a free virtual credit card online is very simple and completely hassle-free. Now you can have more and more online transactions with additional safety and security using your Virtual Credit Card and that also keeping your physical card details hidden. So, the chance of frauds has been nil.

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