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Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa-A new initiative by the Govt. of West Bengal

Paray Paray Samadhan Campaign: The Government of West Bengal vide Notification No:403-CS/2020 Dated 31.12.2020 has notified that with the objectives of providing immediate resolution of neighbourhood needs, it has declared an instant problem solution scheme called Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa.

Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa-ArthikDisha

In that notification, the Govt. of West Bengal has notified that it was felt that there is a need to address the main issues faced by the people of every block and town across the state in a time-bound manner by facilitating and strengthening the services and creation of social infrastructure at the grassroots level for uplifting the quality of lives of the people.

What is Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa?

Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa is a new initiative taken by the Government of West Bengal as announced by the Chief Minister on 28.12.2020. This means now the Government is in your neighbourhood. The problems of your locality or area are now the headaches of the Govt. and not yours any more. The core problems faced by the citizens on daily basis would be solved through this campaign instantly by the State Government officials.

After the huge success of Duare Sarkar Prakalpa, this Paray Paray Samadhan yojana is expected to be equally successful. Since this new initiative is meant for dealing with the core problems of your area.

This problem-solution programme will be launched across the state of West Bengal on and from 2nd January 2021 and will continue till 15th February 2021.

Paray Samadhan Campaign-For solving problems of your locality, problems of your neighbourhood and problems of your community and Duare Sarkar Prakalpa-For solving individual problems.

Read more about Duare Sarkar Prakalpa below:

Objectives of Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa?

Objectives of Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa-ArthikDisha

With the introduction of earlier Duare Sarkar Prakalpa, the camps were flooded with the prospective beneficiaries. Really it helped to bring crores of people under the ambit of Government’s various social benefit schemes.

Keeping in mind its earlier success story, the Chief Minister of West Bengal on 28.12.2020 announced that a new Paray Samadhan Campaign is going to be introduced very recently. This Prakalpa is not an individual-oriented program, rather it will address the problems in your locality that bothers the residents of that area most.

The main objective of this scheme is to address the core problems of your locality like water logging problems, drinking water problems, adequate toilets at school, broken roads problems, culvert problems and street lights of the locality, adequate doctors and health staffs at health centres and many more.

So, you can see that the Duare Sarkar Prakalpa addressed your individual problems, it helped you to voice your grievances and now the Paray Paray Samadhan yojana will address the core problems of the community itself.

This programme is not meant for individual problems, this time the Government is determined to uproot the common day to day problems of your neighbourhood.

Though not very big infrastructural development facilities can be provided through this campaign but the lack of communication or service gap will be addressed instantly through this scheme.

When Paray Paray Samadhan Yojana will start?

As per the announcement of C.M of West Bengal, this new Samadhan Prakalpa will start from 2nd January 2021 and will continue till 15th February 2021. So, both Duare Sarkar and Paray Paray Samadhan campaigns will go along hands to hands.

Synopsis of Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa at a glance

Tenure of Paray Samadhan2nd January 2021 to 15th February 2021
BeneficiariesMass people, Community
ObjectivesSolving core community related problems
Where camps will be organisedAt Duare Sarkar Phase III/IV camps
Grievances receivedSo far 10,000 grievances received from 341 Blocks, 118 Municipalities and 7 Municipal Corporations.
Services to be renderedDrinking water, Broken roads, missing link roads, Drainage, Culverts, Dustbins, street lights and etc.

Implementation of Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa

All the grievances under the Paray Samadhan Campaign would be received through Duare Sarkar campaign.

The Paray Samadhan Campaign would be implemented as follows:

  • Dedicated counter: Each Phase III/IV Duare Sarkar camp must have a dedicated counter for collection of grievances related to community-level infrastructure and social issues to be solved through Paray Samadhan campaign.
  • Publicity material: Each Counter must have adequate publicity material displayed along with blank forms to be issued for collecting the grievances (format attached at Annexure I).
  • Trained Personnel: The person manning the counter would be adequately trained, for helping the complainants in filling the grievance form, for meaningful redressal of the grievance(s).
  • Easy grievance lodging: Grievances can be lodged by an individual or by a group of people very easily and the forms would be received at the same counter once the complainant submits the same.
  • Within 24 hours: The grievance would be enquired within 24 hours of its receipt in the portal and the relevant fields in the portal would be filled, in the next 24 hours.
  • High-level Officials Reporting: The SDO/BDO would forward each grievance so received to DM of the district upon completion of his relevant portion in the portal.
  • Aproval of the D.M: The District Magistrate would check the grievance, the enquiry report of BDO and would comment upon the feasibility of redressal of the grievance in a time-bound manner similar to the first phase of Paray Samadhan.
  • Within 48 hours: The District Magistrate is expected to take the decision on each grievance within 48 hours of receipt of the same in his login from SDO/BDO.
  • Final action: The DM would then take up necessary steps for the start of schemes, which can be done through the district’s own resource.

Services to be rendered by Paray Paray Samadhan campaign?

As I told earlier that this Paray Samadhan Prakalpa is not meant for addressing your individual problems. If you still have not taken the benefits of the services rendered by the Duare Sarkar Prakalpa, you can still opt for this till 31st January 2021.

However, this new program has been designed to solve the core problems of your neighbourhood and the problems of your locality.

The services to be rendered by this Paray Samadhan Campaign is like solving the most common problems of your locality such as pipeline based drinking water supply, waterlogging problem, regular drainage cleaning, adequate VAT for garbage disposal, broken roads, adequate pay and use toilets, new drainage system, all-round street lights at your locality.

Therefore, you can see that very intelligently the Government is addressing the core problems of your neighborhood. Earlier they won the hearts of crores of people and now they came up with the new idea of solving common issues of the area or locality.

The Government of West Bengal is really very much optimistic that this Paray Paray Samadhan campaigns would be able to address its core objectives and would be a great success like Duare Sarkar Campaigns.

Though we have not received any official documents containing the whole process yet, it is expected to come out very quickly before starting off the programme.

Need for Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa 2021?

It has come to the knowledge that more than 10,000 complaints cum grievances already reached the Chief Minister Office(CMO). People reached to Duare Sarkar camps and found that community-related problems can’t be solved there.

So, this prompted the Government to think about a new parrallel program that will take care of the day to day problems at local levels. Govt. found that there are many cases where personnel gaps and lack of services rendered the dwellers unhappy at local levels.

This needs to be addressed in a mission mode. Officials have been asked to act proactively. So, by introducing this scheme, the main aim of the govt. is to pave way with the sufferings of the citizens on their daily lives.

One must keep in mind that this is a community-centric service at local levels and no individual case would be entertained. You come to the Government, and express your sufferings, the Govt. officials would be there for an immediate resolution.

How Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa will Function?

To make this Paray Paray Samadhan Prakalpa a big success like Duare Sarkar, the Govt. has formulated three-tier task force who will be responsible to handle this mammoth programme within a very short span of time.

The committees are as follows:

  1.  State Level Apex Committee;
  2. State Level Taskforce;
  3. A District Level Taskforce;

A. State Level Apex Committee

  • Additional Chief Secretary, Panchayats and Rural Development Department;
  • Additional Chief Secretary, Power Department;
  • Director-General and Inspector General of Police, West Bengal;
  • Principal Secretary, Finance Department;
  • Principal Secretary, Water Resources Investigation and Development Department and Fisheries Department;
  • Principal Secretary, School Education Department and Higher Education Department;
  • Principal Secretary, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and Textile Department;
  • Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Municipal Affairs;
  • Secretary, Women and Child Development Department;
  • Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department;
  • Secretary, Industries and Commerce Enterprise Department,
  • Secretary, Information and Cultural Affairs Department;
  • Secretary, Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education;
  • Any other department may be co-opted.

B. State Level Taskforce

  • Principal Secretary, Water Resources Investigation and Development Department;
  • Principal Secretary, School Education Department and Higher Education Department;
  • Principal Secretary, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and Textile Department;
  • Secretary, Industries and Commerce Enterprise Department,
  • Secretary, Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education;
  • Director ESI (MB) Scheme;
  • CEO, KMDA;
  • Additional Secretary Home and Hill Affairs Department and MD WBSWC;
  • MD, PAschimbanga Agri Marketing Corporation Ltd.;

C. District Level Taskforce

  • District Magistrate – Chairperson
  • Commissioner of Police/SP;
  • Additional District Magistrate/s looking after the respective Schemes identified;
  • All SDOs;
  • District Head/ Nodal Officer of the concerned department;
  • Any other officer/ s that the District Magistrate requires to involve to ensure the success of the Paray Samadhan initiative;

Conclusion: It is quite clear from the last few months activity of the Government of West Bengal that they are not going to leave any stones unturned till the next assembly election 2021.

The Govt. is trying heart and soul to put all their efforts to reach the maximum number of people with their social benefit schemes and to ease their pain that they have been facing in their daily lives.

People can watch their honest efforts during this last-minute exam preparation but ultimately people are getting benefitted from these campaigns. Is it too late?

Only time will say whether the last-minute touch-ups would really help to win the hearts of the people of West Bengal in the coming election.

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