Best Stock Advisory Company in India 2020-Do You Know?

Best Stock Advisory Company in India-Detailed Analysis on Research and Ranking

We the D.I.Y investors, always crave for the best things such as Best mutual fund investments, Best portfolio management services, Best Personal Finance Advisors and alike things. But really do we get the best ones by only searching the internet and doing it on our own?

In search of the best ones and with the help of the internet, most of the D.I.Y investors have forgotten that we don’t need always the best ones but we need the experts in the respective fields.

I have a very simple philosophy to justify this. Just ask a few questions to yourselves. When we/our family members get sick, do we really search the internet looking for the best medicines or we visit the nearest doctors for getting immediate cure.

Yes, you would find a bunch of people searching the internet for the best medicines for an immediate cure. Actually, they consider themselves as a self-proclaimed doctor and in finance parlance, we call them Do It Yourself(D.I.Y) investors.

But ideally, this should not happen. There are some leading experts in our country who can help us in shaping our dreams and reaching there.

Would you take the risk of doing it always on your own while the financial dreams of your dear ones are at stake? I don’t think this is a prudent decision indeed.

A few days ago, I received a fraud call(spam) asking me to invest in equity through their platform and they will provide a guaranteed income of 200% within one year at a very low fee of just Rs.3000/- only.

This fraud call has really prompted me to write a detailed blog post and finding out actually if there is any Best Stock Advisory Company in India that might help us in long term wealth creation and reach our financial dreams with strong credentials.

I came across a few but I have picked up Research and Ranking as the Best Stock Advisory Company in India. Why I am calling it the best, I will come to it later on. So, I have decided to write a detailed review on it. I will share information on the following points particularly.

Whether it is beneficial to term it as the Best Advisory Company in India? What do they offer? What are their products or Services? How much they charge? Do they really worth the fees? How investor-friendly their support is? Do they really deliver what they promise?

I am calling it the best advisory company in India since even if you search in Google, Bing you would find that Research and Ranking as the one of the top 5 Best Stock Advisory Company in India currently operating as the leading industry expert.

To visit Research and Ranking website check the following

Research and Ranking-Is it really the Best Stock Advisory Company in India

Products Offered by Research and Ranking

I generally do not believe anything as the best one. Because to become the best, one has to remain at the top for eternal. But in reality, this does not happen. Even Sunil Gavaskar could not remain at the top for eternal because of Sachin Tendulkar.

Every product/service is different from each other. Each one has got some unique features. Therefore, rather than looking for the best ones every time, what we require is a need specific product or service aligned with our overall objectives in long term wealth creation.

It is easier always to sail the boat with the tide, but who sails the boat against the tide is called a real ChampionArthikDisha.

Long term wealth creation does not happen overnight. It requires perseverance, consistency, discipline and finally a realistic financial goal. My belief is that equity should be perceived as the well-researched product and not an emotional one.

Research and Ranking Products Analysis:

Research and Ranking is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor(R.I.A) backed by Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Its SEBI Registration No is- INA000003874.

The primary objectives of the Research and Ranking have always been helping their investors in long term wealth creation. Because wealth creation through equity investment does not happen in the short term and it does take a considerable amount of time.

Those who promise to deliver hefty returns to their investors in the short term, basically make the investors fall prey to their strong marketing gimmick.

What product/service does Research and Ranking offer?

Research and Ranking mainly focus on 4 distinct products or services for investors such as:

  • 5 in 5 Strategy;
  • Mispriced Opportunities;
  • Dhanwaan;
  • EWA Exclusive;

Now, let’s understand what are these products and how do they really work.

5 in 5 Strategy: This service is basically meant for long term wealth creation for the investors. If one opts for this service, he will be provided with a set of 15 to 18 well researched multibagger stocks.

These stocks will be recommended based on your risk profile, current exposure to equity or equity-related products, your age, your financial goals and your preferred time horizon.

Based on your customized data the equity research analysts/experts of the R&R would make a well-diversified portfolio of 15 to 20 researched backed stocks of different categories. This is important to note that this recommendation is completely tailor-made and not a generalised one.

Each recommendation is different from each other depending upon the needs of the investors. So, as I told earlier we don’t need the best product but we require a need specific tailor-made product in line with our financial objectives.

Success Credentials so far claimed by Research and Ranking

Research and Ranking Success Story So Far

Features of 5 in 5 Strategy: Now let’s see what this strategy actually offers.

  • Portfolio of Multibagger Stocks: If one opts for this service, he will receive a recommendation for building a portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks with strong long term potential. R&R claims that these stocks have the potential to grow and create wealth for you 4 to 5 times in a span of 5 to 6 years.
  • Detailed Research Report: What I liked most about this service is that whatever stocks Research and Ranking recommend under this service, is backed by a well researched and well compiled fundamental stock report.Like why this stock has the potential to grow, what is the future business growth potential and how much the stock has performed till date. Different ratio analysis, year-wise performance analysis and many more.
  • Portfolio Allocation: The most crucial feature of this service is that it clearly specifies the proportion of investment (% wise) to each stock one should invest out of the total investment corpus. They also strongly recommend following this portfolio allocation in line with your investment objectives.
  • Upside Potential: This feature is the most interesting one that other stock advisory company might not provide. Based on their in-depth analysis of a particular stock, they provide the percentage(%) of upside potential for a specified period. This means how much still the stock price can move up in terms of its business fundamentals for the next few years. Is not it very much worth knowing?
  • Stock Buying Range: While investing in equity for long term wealth creation, it is very crucial to know the stock price buying range. This is the price band or range within which a stock should be bought. Like XYZ stock should be bought at a price range of Rs.150 – Rs 250.
  • Portfolio Performance: After investing in different stocks as per their recommendation, Research and Ranking provide a user-friendly Dashboard which helps in tracking the portfolio performance. This shows how an individual stock has performed, how the overall portfolio has performed, what was the buying range, at what price the stock was bought, overall gain or loss on the portfolio etc.
  • Return Projection: R&R claims on its website that their stock recommendation under this portfolio is capable of delivering 4 to 5 times return in 5 to 6 year period.
  • Fees charged: For 1-year plan, the fees charged by them is Rs.20,000/- and for 3 years plan the fees is Rs.40,000/- only.
  • Minimum Investment: The minimum investment required to avail this plan is Rs.2 lakh and the minimum time horizon is 2 to 5 years.
  • Who should buy?: This product is specially designed for investors who are willing to create a long term wealth with having a goal-oriented financial plan.

Is the Fee charged by R&R really worth it for 5 in 5 Strategy?

I don’t know whether Research and Ranking provide any discount on their fees, or is there any negotiation option available but apparently the upfront fee seems very much high.

Because for a minimum investment of Rs. 2 Lakh, the fees is Rs.20,000/-. This means the break-even return is 10% which seems a little bit on the higher side for an investment period of 5 to 6 years.

R&R claims on their website that their stock recommendation is well researched and based on sound business principle and growth potential, so capable of generating 4 to 5 times return in a period of 5 to 6 years.

But when the stock market is very much volatile, how one can predict or guarantee this manifold return. Now, consider an investor who invested Rs. 2 Lakh in January 2014, should have earned at least Rs.4 Lakh by end of December 2019. But in reality, did it so happen.

Sensex level in Jan 2014 and Sensex level in Dec 2019

Sensex Level in January 2014-ArthikDisha

Sensex Level in Dec 2019-ArthikDisha

Therefore, from above you can check that for a time horizon of almost 6 years, the BSE Sensex grew almost 2 times i.e. from 20514 to 41254. This implies the overall market did well and in that case, the portfolio might perform well.

Now look at the year-wise Sensex level from 2014-15 to 2019-20

Yearwise Sensex Level 2014-15 to 2019-20

Now, do you think the return performance still remains the same in comparison to the month-wise analysis? Yes, it is possible only when stock is held for a long term with a view to creating a long term wealth.

Because the Sensex level alone can not depict the intrinsic value of a stock, PE ratio and its potential to grow in the long term. Sometimes the market PE level is very much higher whereas the businesses did not do well in the actual scenario.

Therefore, the 10% upfront fee is justified only when you hold the stocks for the long term and the portfolio delivers at least 100% return on an investment after 5 years whatever their claims may be.

Here comes the right portfolio allocation in the picture. A well-diversified portfolio can fetch a substantial return for a period of 5 to 6 years which Research and Ranking are claiming in their website.

However, a fee of Rs.10,000/- to Rs.12,000/- for 1-year service and Rs.20,000/- for a full lock-in period of 6 years service would have been very much competitive in comparison to other leading players in the market which provides similar services. However, this is completely my personal opinion and others may not agree.

What is the use of taking 3 years plan when investment tenure is 5 years? Is there any logic? Since the multibagger stocks are not supposed to be churned out very frequently, I think the service should be available for full investment cycle of 5 years, else who is going to help at the time of selling. As selling the stocks at the right time is equally important as buying.

Key benefits of 5 in 5 strategy

A beautiful and well-customised dashboard, portfolio return calculator, prompt customer service, quarterly stock report updates and research recommendations of Research and Ranking are of the top-notch. It is one of their USP undoubtedly.

I feel that their well-researched recommendations which have good potential to grow over the next few years but this strategy is going to work only when the investors have the patience and the greed to create long term wealth.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Research and Ranking 5 in 5 Strategy” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”dofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Research based stock recommendations for long term wealth creation
  • Well diversified portfolio allocation to individual stock
  • In-depth business growth analysis for multibagger stock selection
  • Upside potential mentioned for each stock which is quite innovative
  • Quarterly stock report updates in PDF form for each recommended stock
  • Beautiful Dashboard for investment analysis, portfolio return tracker
  • A top class customer service team for prompt support
  • Very intuitive Research and Ranking Mobile app which is very user friendly
  • Very much worth for investors with long term wealth creation objectives


  • Rs.20,000/- upfront fees seem very much high primarily
  • Fees not competitive as compared to other players in the market
  • Claims 4 to 5 times return in 6 years but does not refund fees in failure to deliver what promised
  • Support not available at end of 6th year to utter a ‘Sell’ call when investors need money or investment tenure ends


Mispriced Opportunities

Mispriced Opportunities: The name mispriced opportunity itself suggests that this strategy is meant for taking advantage of a stock that is being sold below its intrinsic value. There’s a difference between a stock’s price and value.

Price means at which the stock is being sold at present. Whereas value is the price at which the stock should be bought or sold. Here it is called the intrinsic value which is the actual price of the stock as per its potential.

In actual sense, the mispriced opportunity takes advantage of the price differential between the value and price of a stock. Whenever a stock is trading at a price lower than its intrinsic value, the R&R research analyst recommends you to buy the stock.

However, it is clearly mentioned there that this product is particularly applicable for those investors who are willing to take advantage of the stock market short term volatility. It is not meant for long term wealth creation.

It is very much suitable for investors having some surplus money for investment and want to earn a handsome return i.e. 25% to 50% for a short term period of 6 to 12 months along with capitalising on stock volatility.

Features of Mispriced Opportunity: Now let’s see what this opportunity actually offers.

  • High growth stock recommendation: Under this option, an investor would be provided with 10-12 high growth stocks which are currently trading at a price lower than its intrinsic value and have high growth potential for 6 to 12 months period.
  • SIP in Stocks: One unique feature of the service is that you have to invest a minimum amount of Rs.15,000/- per month for the next 12 months.
  • Investment Horizon: The total investment horizon for this product is very short like 6 to 12 months so that advantage of stock volatility can be taken.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Since the whole concept of this product is earning short term return, R&R helps in portfolio rebalancing as and when required.
  • Return projection: R&R claims that its short term stock recommendation is capable of delivering 25% to 50% return in just max 18 months period.
  • Fees charged: For this service R&R charges a whopping amount of Rs.18,000/- for a 1-year plan and Rs.36,000/- for 3 years plan.
  • Who should buy?: This product is specially designed for investors who are willing to take risks and intend to earn a handsome return for a short term period.

Is the Fee charged by R&R really worth it for Mispriced Opportunity?

Again, I have to say that the upfront fees of Rs.18,000/- seems very much high. Because for an investment of Rs.180,000/-(Monthly SIP of Rs.15,000 for 12 months) in 12 months, the breakeven return is 10%.

So, if an investor earns 25% after 12 months the effective average return would turn out to be 15% only. I am considering the minimum return since there is no kind of guarantee provided by the R&R in their disclaimer that 50% return an investor would get else the fee would be refunded.

So, I guess the competitive fee would be around Rs. 6,000/ to Rs. 8,000/- for a 1-year plan. Why one should take the service in 2nd year, when in the 2nd year the stocks must be sold as per the investment philosophy of Research and Ranking.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Research and Ranking Mispriced Oportunity” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”yes” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”dofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Research based stock recommendations for short term return earning
  • Monthly SIP in high growth recommended stocks @Rs.15,000/ p.m for 12 months
  • Monthly stock report updates for each recommended stock
  • Beautiful Dashboard for investment analysis, portfolio fact sheets
  • A top class customer service team for prompt support
  • In depth business growth analysis for high growth stocks


  • Rs.18,000/- upfront fees seems very much high
  • Fees not competitive as compared to other players
  • Claims 25% to 50% return in 6 to 12 months time period but does not guarantee
  • Support not available at end of 1 year to utter a ‘Sell’ call
  • If it is a 6 to 12 months investment plan,what is the purpose of paying for 3 years plan


You May Read the Following:

Dhanwaan: The name itself suggests that this product is applicable only for HNI, UHNI investors. This service is best described as the Customised version of 5 in 5 wealth creation strategy. The minimum investible amount is Rs.25 Lakh.

Here an investor would be given offline personal advisory service for wealth creation that suits his requirement.

EWA Exclusive: This product is suitable for HNI and super-rich investors seeking long term wealth creation in 8 to 10 years time. Therefore the premium investors can take advantage of the personalised Portfolio Management Service(PMS) where the minimum investible amount is Rs.1 Crore.


It is said that history repeats itself. There have been many great markets fall down in the last 10 to 12 years. But how many of us really have been able to take advantage of this bear market. I don’t think there will be many.

An investor should think twice even thrice before making any investment decision on his own into direct equity product without taking any expert professional help.

Because equity is very much volatile indeed and may jeopardise one’s financial goals if not done without proper research. Many D.I.Y investors have been ruined due to huge loss from the equity market.

There are professional experts out there like Research and Ranking. I recommend every investor to take advantage of the professional expert service while he has decided to make an investment in equity for long term wealth creation.

And as far the fee is concerned, why not talk to them regarding the availability of any discount. At least there is no harm in negotiating with them.

Maybe they can consider your request considering the present scenario. Because you want to create long term wealth for your family. Is not it?


The views, opinion given in this article is completely my own. Others must not necessarily agree with me. This is solely based on my experience, knowledge and findings. This article is solely meant for information purposes.

ArthikDisha is no way directly associated with Research and Ranking by what so ever. Neither ArthikDisha is a sales representative or an employee of R&R. I request investors to seek the help of the financial advisors before investing. ArthikDisha can not be held responsible for any buying or selling decision.

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