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Home Loan Insurance Plans

Don’t Buy Home Loan Insurance Plans-5 Best Reasons

Home Loan Insurance Plans or Home Loan Protection Plans
• Are home loans insurance plans worth buying while taking a home loan?
• Does a borrower deserve losing an existing home loan insurance plan while transferring his home loans to a new lender for getting best interest rate?
• Can a lender forcefully sell me a home loan insurance plan at the time of taking a home loan?
• If you have to secure your home loan at any cost, why don’t you sell us a Term Insurance Plan, which is more cost-effective?
• Does taking an HLIP or HLPP relieve us from mortgaging our property to the lenders?

Last Will & Testament-How to write a Will

10 Easy Steps on How to Write a Will on your own.

10 Easy Steps on How to Write a Will on your own.A will is a legal declaration of the intention of the testator regarding his properties, which he desires to be fulfilled or comes into effect after his death.

Encumbrance Certificate Requirements

Encumbrance Certificate – 6 Unknown Facts to know

Encumbrance Certificate states whether a property is free from any title or ownership. Encumbrance Certificate states if the property is exposed to any monetary or legal dues. This acts as one of the mediums to identify the monetary and legal dues for the property in question.

Interest Rate Swap-ArthikDisha

Interest Rate Swap/Example/Valuation

What is an Interest Rate Swap? How to value Interest Rate Swap? Interest Rate Swap is a forward contract or agreement between two or more parties to exchange interest payment obligations in the future. This agreement clearly defines when the cash flows are to be exchanged and the manner of their calculations by taking into …

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BSE Sensex last 20 Years PE Ratio Data- Indian Mutual Fund Analysis

Indian Mutual Fund Industry 2019 – 5 unknown facts

Indian Mutual Fund Industry Analysis. 5 crucial facts you must know. Indian Mutual Fund Industry is going through a very tough phase for the last couple of months, specifically for the last 12 months or so. The Assets Under Management (AUM) of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry reached ₹24 Trillion in 2018. Everyone was hoping …

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Mutual Fund Expense Ratio

3 things to know on Mutual Fund Expense Ratio

Mutual Fund Expense Ratio in-depth analysis: Every financial product comes up with the certain inherent cost of investment and so does mutual fund investment too. In the recent past, there has been too much noise in the mutual fund industry regarding the Mutual Fund Expense Ratio. Needless to say that there are few questions that …

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What is Retirement Planning & Retirement Corpus Meaning

What is Retirement Planning-Retirement Corpus Meaning

What is Retirement Planning and retirement corpus meaning? If we analyse India’s current demographic conditions in 2018, we would find that 41.08% of the total population belongs to 25 to 54 Years age bracket i.e. around 52.65 Crores people and 17.90% of the population belongs to 14 to 24 years age bracket i.e. around 23.94 …

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